Adapted Growth


These self-guided tools will jumpstart your journey towards easier and more enjoyable selling.

Whether you’re struggling in your sales conversations, building a successful sales team, or networking to grow your business, these guides will help you improve and reach your goals.

Sherpa Sales Course

Do you want to start selling better quickly but can’t invest time in sales coaching? The Sherpa Sales Course can teach you how to improve your conversations, ask better questions, build trust, and sell more without using manipulative or ‘salesy’ tactics.

Selling From Scratch (signed)

If you need help finding your voice in sales or want to learn how to sell more without compromising your integrity, this book is for you! Read more about Selling From Scratch or buy a copy signed by John “Small Mountain” Hill by clicking below.

Endless Referrals e-book

When you know how to make the most of it, LinkedIn can be one of the most powerful tools to build the right audience and grow a strong network of connections and leads. If you want to make networking a bigger part of your business goals without going to conferences and events, this e-book will show you how.

The following are free resources that you can utilize in your business or sales role immediately!

Onboarding and Training Plan

Hiring and training successful salespeople is one of the most challenging things about owning a business. From separating the coachable from the inflexible during interviews to preparing them for sales conversations, there are many moving parts. This plan helps you build a process and shortcut some of the challenges of growing your business and building a strong sales team.

Habit Tracker

Whether you’re a salesperson trying to exceed quota, an entrepreneur hoping to expand your efforts, or anybody else wanting to track KPIs and build healthy habits, this easy, adaptable spreadsheet will help. Writing down and tracking your daily tasks will help you create the habits you need to crush your goals.