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SHERPA Methodology

The SHERPA Methodology is a system I use to help salespeople communicate on a deeper level with their prospects to build more trust and create stronger client relationships.

Effective sales conversations involve a lot of questions, and a healthy dose of skepticism will make asking those questions a lot easier.

Do You Want More Effective Sales Conversations? Lead With Skepticism!

  You’ll find tons of tactics and techniques when you want to learn how to have highly effective sales conversations. Some will be great; others might be pushy and manipulative. And that doesn’t sit well with everybody. And sales training doesn’t often help because that’s more focused on the products or services, not how to …

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Learning how to be the best salesperson involves becoming a true helper to your prospects and clients.

How to be the Best Salesperson

  Believe it or not, if you want to know how to be the best salesperson, start by considering the traits of professionals who serve others. When you ask somebody to think about the most helpful professions, they’ll probably say teachers, medical professionals, emergency responders, or clergy. Understandably so.  Salespeople… probably won’t be anybody’s answer.  …

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One of the most important characteristics of successful salespeople is empathy.

Characteristics of Successful Salespeople

  If you google what the characteristics of successful salespeople are, empathy is typically high on every list. It’s the E in SHERPA for a reason. Unfortunately, few people actually experience empathy from the salespeople they deal with. Why does this dichotomy exist? If salespeople know they should be empathetic, why don’t we sense that …

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