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Adapted Growth

Turning marketing and sales into a simple math problem you can easily solve.

Adapted Growth Helps Salespeople Be Their Best

The world needs salespeople, simple as that.

But as much as we need them, salespeople are rarely trusted, not always supported, and often poorly trained or prepared to do their job well.

John “Small Mountain” Hill wants to change that.

Through Adapted Growth, John helps salespeople and business owners build processes and improve their selling abilities, leading to more clients and revenue. He utilizes his knowledge of personality types, communication styles, and his vast sales experience to make selling easier and more accessible for anybody willing to put in the work.

Selling doesn’t have to be complicated, and salespeople shouldn’t have to struggle alone.

As a sales consultant and coach, John can guide and support you or your team and show you how to sell with empathy, authenticity, and trust. With time and practice, you’ll bring in more qualified clients, earn more revenue, create repeatable processes, and build a happier, healthier selling environment.

John "Small Mountain" Hill's Foundational Beliefs for Sales Consulting and Coaching

Everybody Starts Somewhere

“After years of selling in different industries, I thought I knew what I was doing. I consistently hit quota, and I made enough money to keep my family and myself comfortable.

Then, I went into medical equipment sales and struggled like never before. I had no idea how different B2B was from B2C. I had never worked somewhere where I had to deal with gatekeepers or bring lunches to offices just to get my foot in the door. And let’s face it, those free lunches were precisely that. Free for them and usually a waste of time for me.

That’s when I realized that maybe I didn’t know as much as I thought. Fortunately, I’ve had a lifelong habit of surrounding myself with people who know more than me about different things.

A close friend offered me a lifeline: a new job, a personality assessment, and a sales coach.

After a bit of deliberation, I took it. And that’s when things changed for me.

While some people find selling easy, many others (like myself) don’t come by it as naturally. But anybody, and I do mean anybody, can find a way to make it work for them.

That’s what I do at Adapted Growth; I figure out what a person needs to make selling easy and approachable for them. Once they’re able to look at things differently, their confidence grows—and success follows.”

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