Email Marketing and Sales Funnel Creation

You’ve already worked hard to build a solid email list. Many companies use digital marketing as a way to bring in leads. And, if they aren’t, they probably should be. It is part and parcel of a multi-faceted lead generation strategy, and it should be an important part of your CRM and sales process. But having a list of leads isn’t enough. Too many lists are squandered by just sending out loud emails blasting a product and, sooner or later, annoying subscribers. Or, even worse, sending nothing at all. You need to cultivate and nurture it with email funnels that keep them invested and turn an email list into a client list.

Email funnels are a multi-purpose necessity. They can be used to:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Explain products and promotions
  • Build and maintain trust and interest
  • Educate about their industry
  • Provide assurance that you can help improve their business
  • Qualify leads

Email funnels are also important because they belong only to you. Social networking is very important, but it’s not always completely within your control. There are rules, somebody else owns it, anything could happen. Email funnels are yours. Social media can also be distracting. It’s easy to scroll by and miss things. But putting emails in their inbox is a steady reminder that you’re there. With solid and helpful content, that reminder will increase the chance of them turning into qualified leads that you can close.

We can look at what you’ve already been sending, how you gain subscribers, and what goals you have for an email funnel to help create a funnel for your business. Even if there isn’t a current product to promote, we can always create content relevant to your business and your subscribers to help you succeed in using your email list to its full advantage.

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