The Struggle of Sales

Here are some of the concerns that we hear from entrepreneurs, owners, and sales leaders:

  • Significant gaps between different sales people on the same team
  • Shallow pipelines lead to missed sales forecasts
  • Salespeople managing pipelines from email with no oversight
  • High salesperson turnover
  • Long ramp up times for new salespeople
  • Frequent discounting to close deals
  • Bad client fits lead to churn
  • Expensive leads not getting worked completely
  • Compromising values to close business

CRM Consulting

You probably already know how important CRM (Client Relationship Management) is to the health of your company’s customer base and your business. But knowing its value is only half the battle. You also need to know how to manage it well. If used and implemented properly, the information gained can be used to show which sales tactics work best and how to adapt to any changes you may see in data. Using the full potential of a great CRM tool will improve sales practices for increased success far into the future.
First, we will learn how your current CRM practices are working and what impact they’re having on your sales practices. Working with almost any CRM tool that you are already using, we can analyze and migrate current data and discover what input you may not be collecting yet to better evaluate where we can help you improve.
But this isn’t a one time fix. With ongoing support, we can continue to teach you how to track the information you are collecting and interpret it into evolving your sales techniques for better outcomes. Once you know what works best, you’ll have more control over sales outcomes, which will result in more freedom and more money for you and your business.

Sales Process Creation

Whether you call it Standard Operating Procedure, Service Level Agreement, or Sales Process Creation, it is considerably more necessary to your business than you may think.
The stereotype of the lone wolf salesperson who will say anything and do anything to close a deal on their terms is over.  Alignment of sales teams is the biggest differentiator between high performing teams and the rest.
So why would you consider just winging it?
Using data gleaned from your comprehensive CRM tool, we can sit down with you and define your target market, interpret what your sales cycle looks like, and then create a sale process around this knowledge that works for you, your business, and your team.  Even if there is only one salesperson or you are doing it on your own, having a set sales process will standardize practices for more consistent results. Also, it will make hiring salespeople in the future a much smoother process. We can help.

Email Marketing and Sales Funnel Creation

Email funnels are a multi-purpose necessity. They can be used to:
  • Build brand awareness
  • Explain products and promotions
  • Build and maintain trust and interest
  • Educate about their industry
  • Provide assurance that you can help improve their business
  • Qualify leads
Email funnels are also important because they belong only to you. Social networking is very important, but it’s not always completely within your control. There are rules, somebody else owns it, anything could happen. Email funnels are yours. Social media can also be distracting. It’s easy to scroll by and miss things. But putting emails in their inbox is a steady reminder that you’re there. And with solid and helpful content, that reminder will increase the chance of them turning into qualified leads that you can close.
We can look at what you’ve already been sending, how you gain subscribers, and what goals you have for an email funnel to help create a funnel for your business. Even if there isn’t a current product to promote, we can always create content relevant to your business and your subscribers to help you succeed in using your email list to its full advantage.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

There are a lot of social media platforms out there, and it is tempting to spend time on all of them to prospect for new clients. However, none of them work as well as LinkedIn does for keeping your pipeline and your calendar full. But you have to know how to use it well.
  • Posting newsfeed articles relevant to your industry seems great, but the algorithm does not reward you for your googling. It’s usually a waste of your time.
  • Cold outreach to people in your target market asking them to have a call with you is as successful as cold calling people during dinner to sell them diet pills. Most requests are ignored or resented.
  • Treating it like all other social media may be easier, but it’s doing you and your business a disservice. Remember, LinkedIn is for professionals.
After certifying that your profile provides users with a valuable outlook of who you are, we will begin writing content for you that will draw engagement and play well with what LinkedIn wants to see. We will also begin building a list of targeted prospects, connect and nurture them, and turn the interested ones into leads that land on your calendar.

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