Adapted Growth

Nobody wants a sales strategy that forces them to be somebody they’re not.

The SHERPA Selling System gives you all the fully customized tools you need to uncover the right clients, hit your sales goals, and grow your business.

Most sales gurus promote sales strategies that feel uncomfortable and manipulative. They tell you to “hustle” and sacrifice your life to get ahead. Or, they make huge promises about “10X-ing” your revenue without giving you the fundamental tools you need to do it yourself.

If these techniques and methods don’t fit who you are and how you want to do business, how well do they work? (Answer: They usually don’t.)

The SHERPA Selling System is different. We design custom packages that any owner, entrepreneur, or salesperson can use to increase revenue.

What is the SHERPA Selling System?

Here’s the thing: the SHERPA Selling System isn’t a one-size-fits-all program. You have your way of selling and running your business. Your industry, target audience, personality, values, and experience all influence your business practices.

Others do it differently, and that’s okay; there’s no one right way to do things. However, most people get stuck in the same areas. That’s where I can help.

We customize our services to fit your needs. You may need just a little support in one area or a complete overhaul of your entire business strategy.

These are the things that the SHERPA Selling System can include:


Working with the founder or owner who is ready to scale their business, we will strategize how to build a sales role suitable for your business and goals. Then, we’ll hone in on the type of salesperson you need and the data points that will be important for them to meet. Finally, I will find qualified, coachable candidates and assist you in interviewing the shortlist that I develop. After you hire the best choice(s), I will train them for 12 weeks to ensure they have the skills and knowledge necessary to bring in the most qualified clients for your business.



Personalized coaching focuses on your revenue challenges, business goals, and sales and marketing concerns. 1-1 is usually most appropriate for founders, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, and sales managers, but I am also willing to discuss individual coaching for salespeople.


My SHERPA cohort is a revolving 12-week sales process-focused online group coaching in a supportive, encouraging environment. During meetings, we discuss how each member can apply these lessons to their sales roles and what challenges they’ve faced in recent interactions. We practice sales conversations to highlight improvement points and help members develop their selling and conversational skills without the pressure of real-life sales calls.


Most “rev ops consultants” base their advice on data alone, not first-hand experience in sales, talking to customers, or managing a sales team. With my expertise in these realms, I can better utilize data to apply it to the whole picture.
As a Fractional RevOps Consultant, we will strategically work through your revenue issues and goals together until we find the right solution for you. You may be struggling with:
  • Misalignment between your marketing strategy, messaging, sales team, and/or customer success
  • Ineffective or missing sales processes, unsuccessful training, or the sales team not having the right tech for their job
  • Difficulty growing or maintaining your book of business
Once we identify your problem areas, I will closely help you and your team fix them one by one. Combining SHERPA Selling skills with relevant insights and trends, we will take a big-picture approach to breaking down the walls and rebuilding your business for a stronger, more prosperous future.


Whether you aren’t getting the most out of the CRM you have or your team has yet to use CRMs and sales tracking, I can help. A strong, fully utilized CRM is crucial to your business’s success—from optimizing customer satisfaction to ensuring your salespeople are on track to hit sales targets. 
Based on your goals and the performance metrics and KPIs necessary for your success and growth, we will build or improve a CRM optimized for everybody’s needs. Finally, if needed, I will work with the sales team during customized 1-on-1 onboarding calls to ensure each member fully grasps its use and necessity.


Although we don’t offer Message Alignment consulting as a standalone service, we can work with you on message alignment while we dial in other aspects of your sales strategy. It’s vital that your messaging matches your audience, products, SOPs, and business values.
We can help you with your social media planning and messaging, email marketing, networking, and advertising. On a case-by-case basis, we may also work with you on your website’s content, SEO strength, and overall site health to ensure your message isn’t getting hidden by Google’s rules and algorithms.
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